Tea Towel


Tea towels should dry dishes and not just push the water around. They should be big enough to line a basket and flap over to keep your coconut bake or festivals warm before serving. This is a 100% cotton, large size, functional tea towel. Machine washable. 19″ x 28″

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A tea towel grabs the attention of any child and is a functional, unique gift, which will evoke conversation for every West Indian who spans the globe.

Every country has an alphabet. It helps form the basis of a language and communication for a lifetime. I chose this specific alphabet from the Nelson Thornes West Indian Readers First Primer Book for the memories of Caribbean childhood,  a history of controversy, and a rebuttal in a calypso.  Even though Captain J.O. Cutteridge had the education of an elementary teacher,  was not known as an education expert in England; he arrived in Trinidad and Tobago in the late 1920’s and proclaimed himself the Director of Education. In a few years, he established a near monopoly of books used to cover most of the curriculum throughout the Caribbean.

Fast forward to the 60’s, the King of Calypso, the Mighty Sparrow, exposes the Captain in his social commentary calypso “Dan is the Man in the Van”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwKGpP-uP6w

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