My Rabbit Journal (Colour)


Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, Hopson Park has created the first Rabbit Journal to help our species properly care for theirs. An annual keepsake, while tracking their health, travel plans, and binkies. This journal is for beginners and rabbit enthusiasts.

Each book has the same content, although the cover page and title fonts are to suit each rabbit owners personality.

“My Rabbit Journal (Colour)” is designed with full colour cover page, full colour interior pages, and mystical style title fonts.

Rabbits are the most understudied and misunderstood domestic pet. To properly care for them is to stick “by the book”. Rabbits are like the manual for your dishwasher, if you choose to not to follow the instructions then your dishes will not be cleaned. Rabbits have their own instruction manual, and this journal will help you write the code for your bunny.  There is much conflicting information, it is up to the owner to learn the likes and dislikes of their rabbit and what works or doesn’t work for their husbandry and diet to maintain health and longevity, Use this journal to monitor and track their diet and behaviours. It is important to understand their behaviour, their poop and pee and eating habits because if they get sick you will not know as rabbits hide their ailments until its an emergency vet visit.


The book will become your rabbits instruction manual. It contains:

~ “This journal belongs to” page

~ Blank rabbit image page used picture collages

~ Rabbit Bio and Essential Information

~ 12 Months for Planning and Reminders on moulting, grooming, cleaning, and recording weight

~ 12 Months of Expense Charts to recorded monthly expenses

~ 5 Weekly Pages between the months to record their Diet, Poop, Urine, Hydration and Behaviour

~ 6 Medical Help Page – recording symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, vet clinic, cost, and follow up

~ 8 Medicine Tracker pages

~ 4 Travel Planning pages – from plane or car ride, with to do list, checklists and research info

~ 4 Resources and Suppliers pages – references to websites, favourite shops, hay suppliers etc

~ Essential Rabbit Checklists – Adoption Day, Bunny Proofing, Husbandry and Necessities, Set up Guide, Emergency Kit

~ A Blank Checklist Page

~ Bun Knowledge – a list of common rabbit information to learn

~ A Bunny Poop Chart – a quick reference guide to their poop and why to do

~ Feeding Guide

~ Tips and Observations

~ 12 Note Pages – blank lined pages to write down your research from the Bun Knowledge list

~ 1 Annual Expense Record

~ 1 Annual Weight Graph Chart

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