Mushroom Rabbit Journal


While celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, Hopson Park decided to design the first Rabbit Journal to help our species properly care for theirs. This book creatively combines as an annual keepsake, while tracking their health, travel plans, and binkies. This journal is for beginners and rabbit enthusiasts. In true journal style, each month there are 4 grid dot pages to sketch, chart, draw and write about your rabbit. Get creative. This Rabbit Journal is 137 pages which consists of: The Rabbit Bio and Medical Info, Monthly Calendar for Planning and Reminders on moulting, grooming, cleaning, and recording weight, Monthly Expense Tracker to recorded monthly expenses, The Fluffer Report to record their Diet, Poop, Urine, and Hydration, 4 Journalling Pages per month, 6 Medical Help Pages – recording symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, vet clinic, cost, and follow up, 6 Medicine Tracker pages, Travel Planning pages – from plane or car ride, with to do list, checklists and research info, Resources and Suppliers pages – references to websites, favourite shops, hay suppliers etc Essential Rabbit, Checklists – Adoption Day, Bunny Proofing, Husbandry and Necessities, Set up Guide, Emergency Kit, A Blank Checklist Page, A Bunny Poop Chart – a quick reference guide to their poop and why to do, Feeding Guide, Tips and Observations, Bunducation – a list of common rabbit information to learn, Blank lined note pages to write down your research from the Bunducation to use as a Quick Reference Guide, Annual Expense Record Page, Annual Weight Graph Chart

The book is printed on demand by Lulu Publishing in USA. Regular delivery can take up to 3 weeks for International shipping so if you are buying a gift for someone please allow for the extra time.

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