This is my journey as a Hand Crafter that all started because of a very unique rabbit.

My tags say ‘Mother Natured Approved’ because the rabbit made me write it and the environment matters. Upcycling, recycling, using fabrics from wood pulp; Hopson Park will try to remain as true to the earth as possible. GreenGeeks was chosen as the web host because they too believe in a green life.

Hopson Park apparel is made from environmentally friendly fabric such as Hemp, Beechwood (Modal), Bamboo etc.  The bags are from a wider spectrum of thought.  Special attention is given to the tags as each item is based on a story, an inspiration, or a goal therefore I must find the precise fabric to match.  I can even hold on to a vintage piece of fabric for months (the longest, so far, has been 18 months) before knowing exactly what person or place relates to it.  One good example is, The Summer Cottage.

I have a ton of ideas for future creations but it will take me time to source materials and the know how to make it myself.

As much as Bear and I would love your support by purchasing Hopspn Park items, it will take time to organize the woo commerce and getting enough supplies made as they have been selling before they can reach online.


The Memoires is a combination of the inseparable Hopson Park duo; Natalie and Bear

While I explore with eyes and heart wide open, Bear is more hard nosed and engages the reader in lessons on having your own business.  A remarkable rabbit with characteristics that could only make a good entrepreneur; success is  having wisdom, financial success comes second.



I owned a boutique 2004-2014 in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  I own a rabbit since 2011.  I now own a label called Hopson Park 2013.  This was not a dream of mine.  It was an unexpected epiphany to keep a roof over my head.  With the perfect recipe of natural passion and perfectionism, I create things I absolutely love.  Now I am hoping it helps with a retirement plan.  If only I can keep my index finger from twisting further.

Hand Crafted seems to = Early onslaught of arthritis



I own a human since 2011.  I was born determined…and very curious.  Everything in life is about exploration.