I had already picked up this swedish made fabric in an fabric store in Trieste but was challenged for the story.  I did some research on the Swedish Dala Horse:

The image of the horse goes back thousands of years. The magic and mystique surrounding the horse inspired people to recreate their image in cave and rock paintings. Horses were highly valued and became a symbol of strength and courage. They arrived in Sweden 4000 years ago and were tamed and domesticated around that time.

In the 17th century little wooden horses were sold at markets in small towns and villages in Dalarna, in central Sweden. A hundred years later wooden horses were carved by men working in the forests during long winter evenings and brought back to the village for the children to play with. This is how the little wooden horse from Dalarna became a treasured object. These simple wooden horses were later painted in bright colours inspired by the flower patterns painted on furniture and walls in the region.



As per usual I traveled in to Trieste on the same route, walking in the same pattern to the Piazza as my starting point so I would not get lost.  Today was different! Today there was a massive carousel in the middle with sun beaming down to it! Spectacular and there dawned “To Dream of Carousels”. It also made me realize that the Dala horse that loves her small town and keeps going and going and going through almost more bad than good…is me.  There are just so many glistening memories of laughter that help me get through.

  • Name To Dream of Carousels
  • Style Travel Bag
  • Sizes 6"x8" & 12"x8"
  • Quantity 12 White & 3 Black