“Nine purses with potions

Nine curses with notions

Nines  on  the  door 

Nine dances   but   not   one   more

Nine is her prosperity    it possesses clarity”

The endless list of qwerky that makes up this character, who I get to enjoy having as my friend. Here are some:

She is called the “Obeah woman of Port of Spain”. She dances for a profession, so don’t expect her to dance for fun at your party, unless it’s mine, but I feed her Baileys, and she doesn’t drink because it clogs her nose. A photographic memory of everything she reads; things like the meaning of colours and numbers, chakras, chinese vs western horoscopes, the science behind wine or cosmetics.  She can eat a sack of potatoes per month.  She did a painting that when women touch it they always find themselves pregnant. She can interpret your wildest dreams or nightmares.  She can make you dinner the moment you enter her door…sorry correction…she only makes me a full course dinner the moment I enter her door. Her number is 9!

  • Name Nine
  • Style Palm Clutch
  • Size 10"x8"
  • Quantity 8