“Upon critical observation and necessary suspicions, I do believe that Miss Bradbury, with her bag of rabbit tricks, has to be a fox. There is no other explanation. Sly, charming smiles, with sideways glances; yet my rabbit can’t survive without her. Is this a Catch 22?” 

My preparations for a 3 month disconnect from society in Italy started with  2 months of ‘how to travel with a rabbit”.  I had no idea how difficult this would be since it’s not something people often do.  Well Bear has never been picked up, he would rather break his back than be out of control of his own self.  However, to go through an airport you must remove your pet from their carrier so the carrier can go through the scanner sans pet.  If you can not control your pet you will not be able to travel.  I was feeling helpless.  So, what do you do when you have tried everything, you google video’s on how to pick up your rabbit. Enter Miss Bradbury (England). This dear girl gave Bear and I skype trained lessons. Unfortunately, Bear was not coo-operative (more on that in another blog). I have also used Miss Bradbury via skype and emails for desperate emergency Bear assistance.  She never asked for anything and was available all the time even though our time zones were very different.  I have been called Rabbit Lady several times, so much so I thought I had to be a fox in a former life why I love rabbits so much. The same must go for Miss Bradbury.  I had to make a bag in her honour. Bear thanks you Miss Bradbury for all your help.

  • Name Miss Bradbury
  • Style Tools of the Trade
  • Size 12" x 4" x 1.5"
  • Quantity 5