Maria of Polazzo

The Municipality of Fogliano-Redipuglia (province of Gorizia), Italy

One of the most special bags I was compelled to create.


“Hand written tallies of the daily expenses, locks of her children’s hair, and a hidden box of letters full of history; of war and survival and a strength to enjoy the good days with family. Her joy and sadness absorbed in a delicate fabric square. A grand-daughter that will forever admire her grandmother.”


The compilation of work includes; exterior fabric vintage Austria (circa 1954), zipper Italy, the lining, which always gives me trouble to find old fashion bag lining, however, Manuela took me for a drive out to a warehouse of a high end Italian company, (I would tell you where, but why give away all my secrets).  She really is a great friend and trade secrets tour guide while in Trieste.  The handkerchiefs are even a longer story than the lining. Quite the hunt for vintage hand made italian handkie’s.

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  • Name Maria
  • Style Palm Clutch
  • Size 10"x9"
  • Quantity 11