The Eve is the first Hopson Park dress created. It is a case of the chicken and the egg as I technically made the dress before I had the epiphany to do a label named Hopson Park.  I created two Eve dresses as it’s all the fabric I had (see original Eve in blog post) and decided to put them in my boutique to see how they would sell.  To my astonishment both sold in one day.  Both delighted customers encouraged me to create… not to mention several friends over the years have mentioned it as well. So Hopson Park was born.

The style was inspired from ballet class, with the straps set far out to the edge of the shoulder, and a deep scoop neckline in front and back.  This style allowed the instructor to critique the grace and poise from the dancers arms, shoulders and back.

I think it is simply feminine.


  • Name Eve
  • Style Twisted Strap, deep front and back scoop
  • Material Bamboo
  • Availability A timeless Hopson Park Dress, always available when material is accessable