“DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS, but who obeys house rules at the peak of dawn. I tip toe over the creaking wooden dock, slowly crouching as close as they will allow, sprinkling yummy duck morsels over the still water.  A raft of ducks paddle in to fill their bellies. Then a moment to ponder: why have bird seed if you’re not allowed to feed the ducks?”


I love Little Lake Kennisis, from childhood memories to adult life epiphanies; nature brings out the best in me.  Plus, I always enjoy visiting my aunt.  I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want me to feed the ducks, but I just couldn’t help it as it’s a feeling that you are accepted from the universe, Mother Nature, when a wild animal trusts you.

Now that it’s a few years later from this ‘feeding the duck” moment, I now know why she was reluctant.  Bird seed in feeders are easy, but hand feeding the ducks take time and she really didn’t need one more guilty feeling on her list of responsibilities thinking the ducks were waiting for their feeding and are confused when they are suppose to migrate for winter.  The neighbours actually year round leave food out for ducks.  But it is now four years later and when she is at the cottage, which is 60% of the year, the same ducks come looking for her.  She still calls them “My ducks”.


  • Name Little Lake Kennisis
  • Style Coin Purse & Travel Case
  • Size 4"x4.5" & 11"x7.75"
  • Quantity 4 & 4