Cernizza Lane was where I walked daily for 3 months; one direction to get to the family run convenience store where I could buy fresh cut loaves, cheese, and fruits, another direction took you to the adriatic sea, and all of them (3 in total) took me to where I could get a bag full of clover and dandelions for Bear. With temperatures that rose and dropped like the wind, it wasn’t till October that I truly noticed the amount of roses that were in bloom on Cernizza Lane.  You couldn’t miss it as the scent engulfed you. The sun and sky were to be acknowledged for great showmanship that day, but the roses took to winning medal.

I was super excited when I found this fabric since it took me back to black and white television days.  You had to use your imagination to put all the colours together.  The same can be done with this fabric for the October roses. Pick a colour! Any colour! Let your imagination turn a monochromatic look into a radiant bloom.

  • Name Cernizza Lane
  • Style Triangle Cosmetic Bag
  • Size 6.5" x 4" x 2.5"
  • Quantity 20