Now that I make bags I have no idea how I survived without them.  I put everything in a bag now which will then go in another bag. Plus I have an emotional attachment to animals and history.  I think the human race will be lost without these two factors.  Recently moving back to Canada, where the landscape is so vast (after coming from island life) everyone is just so far away. I would love to go visit reacquainted friends or my aunt but the distance and the gas prices will knock your socks off.  However, my aunt sent me a letter and road map (so I can get a sense of Ontario again) in the mail.  It felt like stepping back in time, a red indicator arm on the post box and walking to the end of the drive to the post box.  Coincidence, or maybe web profiling, that I would see an article about how messages were sent in history. So I read an article about the Carrier Pigeon and was astonished how impressive this bird really was.

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The Canvas Carrier was produced in honour of my key factors: animal, history and a little humanity of a thoughtfully posted letter.


  • Name Canvas Carrier
  • Style Carrier
  • Size 8" x 9.75"
  • Quantity 7