I couldn’t wait to cut this dress. Probably due to the fact that I have a very long neck it is easy for me to wear turtlenecks so I wanted to create a kind of no-neckline neckline. I was concerned how it would look on someone with a shorter neck, but I had no reason to worry as it has looked great on everyone of every size and shape too.

By using this 4-way stretch fabric, it allows you to leave a raw edge, since it never frays. I think the raw edge helps certain dresses to be worn more leisurely as opposed to only a formal look.

As for the name; it might be cliché, but how can you dispute the power Audrey Hepburn had to make the simplest dress look enticingly elegant. I hope she would approve of my first attempt at making a dress inspired by her.

  • Name Audrey
  • Material Beechwood with Silk Trim
  • Style Elbow Sleeve, High Straight Neckline, slight A-line
  • Availability A classic dress that will always be available as soon as I can find a supplier in Canada of the same eco friendly fabric and weight.