Italy Bound

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Rule 1…Routine!

It all started a couple weeks ago. Food was endless, running through obstacles was the daily norm, and the human was doing as she should. I admit, I was a little side heavy, so the decrease in the food was not a problem for me, but it got less so fast. Then the deceit. True, I could never be fooled by the ‘dangle the carrot’ trickery to get me confined but aggressiveness of being hunted and trapped to go outside my territory. Then way out of my comfort zone: Metal tables, bright lights, syringes…that is not going in my….squeak! Why is everybody holding me?!?

Finally, I get back to the land of everything is mine. However, I am not that interested in food. I don’t feel as energetic. I decide to spend some days chillaxing. I was getting weak, but God forbid, my dna is rabbit, if I look weak I become sure prey. So I kept telling myself “Look alive”. Then one Sunday evening my left hind leg was not cooperating. I decided to seek comfort next to the human.

Just when it couldn’t get worse, it went cybourg to hell. Grabbed and shoved in the bag that fed me, back to the shiny table to be poked and prodded…and drugged. Yummy drugs. I was sleepy.

The tormented moments turned into days…I was in a bag, in a car, at an airport, in a plane, on another plane, and eventually at some new destination. Sure there were more days of metal tables and syringes, but I am so curious that I enjoyed exploring the new environment. My diet got a fresh start. Same feeding routine, just new environment.

I love Italy. I eat like a king… grass as fine as hair, endless dandelions and clover….The air is cooler. I can run and frollick for hours. I do spend time each day to admire myself in the mirror and now I look fuller. I do believe this is a winter coat I am donning. Fascinatingly rich looking. Rich on me, freaks me out when humans wear it.

Rule #2…An environmental change brings on new explorations. Routines can stay the same, just in a different environment.

In all the madness the human did good. Complete trust. I never lost it in her.

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