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I had to post this Airbnb chat from a potential guest that would have stayed by me in Trinidad. This conversation affects me on so many levels:  Timing is everything, Technology, Communication, Strangers,... READ MORE


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This post is more about Maria’s grand-daughter Manuela who inspired me to do the “Maria Palm Clutch”.  I was in Trieste (Italy) at the Wind store trying to understand my lack of internet connectivity... READ MORE

Wardrobe Essentials

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My aunt is a caterer and has no food in her fridge; my cousin is an artist and has nothing on his walls…my point is I owned a boutique for 11 years and... READ MORE

The Summer Cottage

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This coin purse is the beginning of my Exclusive Cut Collection. There are only 16 of these coin purses in two sizes: (5) 4″H x 7.5″L and (11) 5″H x 4″L I am... READ MORE

Riri Star Zips

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When it comes to putting together an exclusive cut, in this case for The Summer Cottage bag, a moment has to occur when you know the pieces are falling into place.  I had... READ MORE

Italy Bound

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LESSONS IN LIFE & BUSINESS FROM THE CEO: CHANGE VS ROUTINE Rule 1…Routine! It all started a couple weeks ago. Food was endless, running through obstacles was the daily norm, and the human... READ MORE

This is My Story


AN ENTREPRENEURS LESSONS IN LIFE & BUSINESS: CURIOSITY Hello, I am Bear, Charlie Bear Park, CEO of Hopson Park. It is my nature to be curious. I see it as a factor to good business.... READ MORE

Flattery Will Get You Every Where

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The power of social media is truly astonishing for business.  I say this because,  during the launch of Hopson Park (Oct 2013), a delighted customer had bought a vintage coin purse and posted... READ MORE